Under the leadership of Director-Marketing and Vice President-Marketing, National Healthcare has a strong and sound marketing department boosted with well trained dynamic marketing team abided by the company culture. This department enjoys the responsibility of product promotion and sales and prioritizes the customers’ satisfaction. With massive distribution channels, National Healthcare has a remarkable market position.

The marketing department has Sales Team, Product Management Team (PMT), Brand Management Department (BMD) and Business Development Department (BDD). Sales team are the representative of the company who are in direct contact with the customers and are involved in achieving and exceeding the sales target. PMT, BMD and BDD departments are run by competent pharmacists.PMT is involved in inbound product management, pharmacovigilance, market communication and training the sales team.The BMD catalyzes the market strategy formulation and execution leading to brand building and brand consolidation. Similarly, BDD is involved in outbound product management and is based upon pharmacoeconomics.

At present, National Healthcare markets through marketing divisions namely National, Status, Spectra-Azul, Spectra-Rojo, Otiva, Optima, Maxima, Maxima Eye,Derma, Delica & Chroma.