Quality and Accountability are key principles of National Healthcare. This department ensures that raw materials, in process intermediates, finished products, packaging materials and premises are in conformity with the quality standards of the international compendia and regulatory authorities. 

This department operates under well trained Pharmacists and Chemists with full fledged modern analytical equipments like: High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) , Gas Chromatography (GC), Fourier Transform Infra Red Spectrophotometer (FTIR), TOC Analyser , Auto Sampler Dissolution Apparatus, Karl Fischer Autotitrator, etc




Microbial Testing Laboratory


National Healthcare ensures zero microbial contamination in its quality products to its customers. This well operated laboratory assesses microbial parameters under the supervision of experienced microbiologists. Raw materials, intermediate and finished products are tested and evaluated to ensure no microbial contamination.